Writing instructions

Centria Bulletin (ISSN 2489-3714) is a continuously published online publication of Centria University of Applied Sciences. Any staff member of Centria University of Applied Sciences can write an article to Bulletin.

Bulletin publishes articles written by the staff relating to their expertise: teaching, research and development work of Centria, the work or the professional sector of the author. The articles must be (1) new and (2) produce new information and (3) have not been published elsewhere before (not even parts of them). All the articles will be checked for plagiarism. Articles can be in Finnish, Swedish or English. The author will take care or the correct language using a proof reading application or service (for example sanakirja.fi – proofing).

The recommended length of the articles is 1-5 size A4 pages. It is recommended that the article will feature a title describing the content of the article, an introductory paregraph that briefly explains the main points of the article, as well as a few subheadings that will give rhythm for the article and make it easier to read. The text is divided into paragraphs which should be a few lines long and of relatively similar size. The articles should aim for a clear expression and avoid complex sentence structures.

Texts will be sent to the editors as a word file using the webropol form. Images and/or tables can be included in the article. Please note that all images must be “written open” in the article to ensure accessibility, or attach an alt-text in which, for example, the diagram is written perfectly open. The photographs can be delivered via the webropol form or as separate files. The author is responsible for the permission to publish images (in compliance with copyrights). If the author wishes, the editors can choose a suitable picture for the article (i.e., Stock Photo). The author is responsible of creating the tables and diagrams (in image form). The contents of the tables must also be written open within the article to ensure accessibility.

If sources are used in the article, they are marked in accordance with the thesis and writing instructions of the Centria University of Applied Sciences. AI can only be used for idea generation of the article, not in writing the article itself. The author is responsible for the accuracy of the sources. Automatic source formats (of text editor softwares) cannot be used because they do not copy correctly to the publication platform and produce extra work in the publication process. Think of the article as it was published in a conference or a journal. It must be refined and finished before submission.

If the article deals with project-related issues and will be reported as a project activity, the cover image must contain the financiers’ logos (e.g. ERDF and federation) and funding must be mentioned in the text.

The editors will proof read the texts sent to the Bulletin before publication. The editors have the right to edit and shorten the text if necessary, or to decide not to publish the article. A proofread text will be sent to the author for verification if any greater changes have been made.